Thursday, December 16, 2010

Book Review: The Boy Who Conquered Everest by Katherine Blanc and Jordan Romero

The Boy Who Conquered Everest: The Jordan Romero StoryThe Boy Who Conquered Everest: The Jordan Romero Story by Katherine Blanc and Jordan Romero
Publisher: Hay House
Release: July 30, 2010
Paperback, 72 pages
Ages 9-12

My Review:
Why I read this: I love reading about people accomplishing extreme goals, and thought reading about this kid who climbed Mount Everest sounded fascinating.  I also wanted to share it with my oldest son.

My Thoughts: After finishing this book, I will just say I am impressed by Jordan Romero.  What he did was amazing and his attitude and maturity are what shined to me in the book.  He climbed the Seven Summits with his dad and step-mom.  He did it even with complications (which you would expect when climbing to extreme altitudes) and he did it with a good attitude (at least that is what shines through in the book).

The book is simple, a lot of pictures and some notes of how things went along the way and how he accomplished his goals.  It's a quick but enjoyable read that will leave children and adults alike inspired.  I know it has made me want to get back to achieving my goal of running a half-marathon.  And I think that is what Jordan wanted to do with this book was inspire kids in this video game and spending most of  your time inside society that they can accomplish big goals if they set out to do them.  He emphasizes planning and the fact that if he can do it others can too.  While I don't really want my son climbing Everest, I do hope he finds some inspiration in this book and I think he will.

It's a charming read, well done I believe for a simple book to show what took a few years to do in 72 pages.  It's inspiring and that is the best quality about the book.  I can't find any faults with it - it's a kids book and it's enjoyable, those are the main things.

My Rating:  I don't rate non-fiction books, but this is a wonderful kids book!

About the Book:
Jordan Romero was a regular 9 year old boy. He loved BMX biking, listening to music, hanging out with his friends and family, participating in school activities, and studying nature and reptiles. So why would he want to climb the world's tallest mountains? What made him decide to try something so dangerous and difficult?

 It all started when Jordan spotted a map of the famous "Seven Summits", the tallest mountains on Earth's seven continents, including massive Mt. Everest–the tallest of all. Jordan could not take his eyes off of that map; his head was filled with thoughts of snow-covered peaks, jagged rocks, billowing white clouds and deep blue skies.
Four years later, Jordan stood and gazed down at those peaks and cloudy skies from the 29,035 ft. summit of Mt. Everest. He had reached his goal:
To conquer the mightiest of mountains and inspire other kids to dream BIG!
How did he do it? This is his story...
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