Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kings & Queens by Courtney Vail: Character Tweets

Majestysmadness ~ Found a Carlton Fisk keychain from dead dad today in a dress shoe.  Set me back two hours.

Majestysmadness ~ Perspective point: A little girl in Africa just lost her mom to AIDS, now no one in the world loves her. :(

Majestysmadness ~ Could use a pick me up. Hope we win & @ATroubledMe makes connection in Monday's game. A foul. Whatever. Need a clank.

ATroubledMe ~ Ha. Very funny @MajestysMadness. I'll show you a clank, missy.

D23foryou @ATroubledMe @MajestysMadness is so right. You do suck monkey nuts right now.
Majestysmadness @ATroubledME JK! I'm sure you'll pull outta your slump, Alec. @D23foryou wants your spot in the lineup.

Majestysmadness ~ Just started Hunger Games. Can't put it down, but I really need new running shoes. Oldies are shot. Later!

D23foryou ~ With @ATroubledMe, hunger is always a game. Hmm, let's see if I can get every microscopic speck & ketchup smear this time.

ATroubledMe @D23foryou  Nice, Derek. First you slam my batting, now my eating habits?

D23foryou @AtroubledMe Just keepin it real, Hoover. Can't deal with freakin’ fat heads.

ATroubledMe @D23foryou Is that why you had a labotomy?

D23foryou ~ Hey, hey. Tumor extraction doesn't count @ATroubledMe

D23foryou ~ #thingsthatsuck #ATroubledMe #Yankees #onions #bluemoonbeer

MajestysMadness ~  Doing stairs in my new shoes. Love em. So comfy.

MajestysMadness ~ Haha @D23foryou re: @ATroubledMe. so dead on and HG! Still laughing.

ATroubledMe. RT so dead on and HG! Still laughing … @MajestysMadness you would be!

Majesty Madness ~ OMG someone in Ben & Jerry's line said beer & pretzel was a flavor on some survey she took. What can we do to make this happen?

D23foryou @MajestysMadness Got stupidity? beer + vanilla ice cream + pretzels = so obvious.

MajestysMadness ~ Nope. Doesn't count @D23foryou. It's not Ben & Jerry's.

D23foryou @MajestysMadness Really? I got a rainbow shirt. I can pretend. Put $3.50 in my paypal, I'll hook you up. What other flavors?

MajestysMadness @D23foryou How 'bout carmelized onion???

D23foryou @MajestysMadness Okay. Now that's just cold. I'm gonna be hurling all week now. Thanks. Appetite slain.

D23foryou ~ Yeeeeesss!!!! #RedSox slaying Twins 8-1 in eighth!

MajestysMadness Thanks for the update @D23foryou. On now … Taking down hitting notes for @ATroubledMe.