Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tell Me Something Tuesday 9/30

Tell Me Something Tuesday is hosted at Rainy Day Ramblings where Heidi discusses a wide range of topics from books to blogging and encourages people to weigh in on the subjects in the comments or in their own blog posts.  I've been reading her posts for awhile, but when I saw this week's question I had to join in:

Library Love: Do you support your local library and take advantage of all it has to offer?

I love, love, love my local library and while I don't take advantage of all it has to offer, I do take advantage of most of it's reader services.  I check out & reserve books, audiobooks and movies.  I love talking to the library staff and listening to their suggestions for me since they have gotten to know me pretty well from my coming in there for years, using their reserve system and just generally checking out stacks of books at a time.

In  fact, my library pile has about 14 books in it right now and I just checked and I have 4 that came in today.  So it appears I love my library.

And while I go through phases where I like to read real books and phases where I prefer ebooks, the library seems to be where I mostly get my real book fix as of late.  And audiobooks, I fell in love with audiobooks because of my local library.