Friday, October 5, 2012

Book Review: Sound by Shelley Workinger

SoundSound by Shelley Workinger
Paperback, 218 pages
Pub Date: Nov. 1, 2012
My rating: 4.5/5.0
Solid #3

My Review:

Sound was a great way to tie up the Solid trilogy. I loved this trilogy, the characters and the plot. I would be hard pressed to decide which book was my favorite. I enjoyed all three books and think all three worked well to make a great trilogy that told the story of Clio and her friends during the summer they deal with finding out what happened to them well.

The characters continue to be wonderful in this book. Clio continues her struggle to balance wanting her alone time and her typical way of dealing with things with how it works to be friends with a group and come to count on others. I like Clio, she feels real and like a normal teenage girl even with her superhuman powers that she has been secretly without her knowledge been given. I love the others too. Garrett is hysterical with his cockiness and humor. Miranda just being Miranda. Bliss with her sweet naivete. Alexis' tough exterior but strong desire to fit in with the group. Rae and Xavier's toughness have really been great addition to the group since the second book. And of course Jack, wonderful, adorable Jack. Each character brings something to the book, and it's not just their powers, it's their personalities. That's what really contributes to the story and had me enjoying every page.

The story behind this one was a little more under the radar than the first two but it was a good light suspense tale with the characters still taking the front seat. I enjoyed the plot, and enjoyed seeing where it was going. In the end I felt things were a tad rushed, but it didn't bother me too much, I still really enjoyed the book. I just felt I needed a little more right at the most suspenseful part. The very end was handled well, but I'm wondering if there is a bit more on the horizon? Oh Ms. Workinger, you are a crafty one.

Even if there isn't, the end was very satisfying. I will miss seeing the gang again if I there aren't any more books in the works and I will be overjoyed if there are. Either way, this trilogy is finished with a flourish. I have enjoyed each book and loved Sound. Thank you Ms. Workinger for a refreshing fun series revolving around interesting characters and a different plot. I loved every minute and Solid is a tremendous finish. If you haven't tried this series, it's a must-read, if you haven't read Solid yet, then you have to get it when it comes out to finish up the series. You won't be disappointed.

About the Book:
Clio Kaid's had one crazy summer.

After learning she was one of a hundred teens who were genetically modified before birth, she and the others departed for "camp" at a classified military site.

Besides discovering her own special ability, uncovering a conspiracy, and capturing a killer, she's also forged new friendships, found love, and managed to lose them both.

With no answers and the end of summer closing in, Clio's terrified of going home more lost than when she arrived.

Will she finally find everything she's been looking for?

Find out in this exciting conclusion to the Solid trilogy.

***I received this book from the author for an honest review.  I was not compensated in any other way except receiving the book for free.  ***