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New eBook Publisher: Istoria Books Press Release

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February 23, 2011

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Istoria Books, a new digital publisher dedicated to releasing “eBooks You Want to Read at Prices You Want to Pay” ,™ has recently acquired digital rights to six books, by authors Gary Alexander and Jerri Corgiat.

Istoria will publish Gary Alexander’s literary novel Dragon Lady in April 2011. Set in 1965 Saigon, Dragon Lady tells the story of Joe, a young draftee, who becomes obsessed with a Vietnam girl named Mai, his own "Dragon Lady" from his beloved Terry and the Pirates cartoon strips that his mother still sends him. As he pursues a relationship with her, Saigon churns with intrigue and rumors--will the U.S. become more involved with the Vietnamese struggle? What's going on with a special unit that's bringing in all sorts of (for the time) high tech equipment? Will the U.S. make Vietnam the 51st state and bomb aggressors to oblivion? But for Joe, the soldier, the big question is--does Mai love him or will she betray more than just his heart? Gary’s intelligent voice, filled with dry wit, and his own experiences give this story a sharp sense of truth, recounting the horror and absurdity of war. Reminiscent of books such as Catch-22, Dragon Lady serves up equal measures of outrageous humor and poignant remembrance. Gary served in Vietnam in ’65. When he arrived, he joined 17,000 GIs. When he left, 75,000 were in country.

Gary Alexander also writes mystery; his three mystery novels in the Buster Hightower series are published or under contract to be published by print publisher Five Star/Cengage. A Vietnam vet himself, Gary lives in Seattle.

Istoria will also publish the backlist of award-winning romance author Jerri Corgiat this spring. The list includes five books in the Love Finds a Home series originally published by Penguin’s Signet imprint. The titles are:

Sing Me Home
Follow Me Home
Home at Last
Home by Starlight
Take Me Home

            The Love Finds a Home series includes five award-winning books set in the small town of
Cordelia, nestled in the Missouri Ozarks. Each novel showcases different members of the extended O'Malley family and their sometimes bumpy journeys toward happiness. These well-told stories will resonate with readers confronting similar challenges--struggles with ailing businesses, damaged reputations, recovery from heartbreak and divorce, children's difficulties, career changes, and serious illness. From the first book to the last, readers will be entranced by the magnificent setting and the loving O'Malley family. Jerri Corgiat's voice sings throughout every story, capturing the beauty of the landscape and the strong emotions of her characters. Likened to bestselling women's fiction author Susan Wiggs, Corgiat excels at descriptive writing, making the reader want to book a flight to fictional Cordelia to spend more time with the O'Malley clan.

            Just a glimpse of praise for Jerri Corgiat's Love Finds a Home books:

·         "....a powerfully moving story...a brilliant read..." Romance Reader at Heart
·         "Ms. Corgiat has become one of my 'must read' authors..." Romance Junkies
·         "....a rich multidimensional novel..." Contemporary Romance Writers
·         "...very poignant, filled with nuances..."  The Romance Readers Connection
·         "...unforgettable characters resonate long after the last page is turned..." RT Bookclub, Top Pick
·         "…warm and of those wonderful romances that truly captures the heart...filled with joy and laughter, pathos and challenges..." Midwest Book Reviews
·         ", with flowing phrases and realistic characters..." Readers & Writers Ink Reviews

Jerri Corgiat lives in the Midwest and is a former bookseller and winner of a first-place Award of Excellence from the Reviewers International Organization.

Istoria Books is a new digital publisher formed in 2010 by Libby and Hannah Sternberg, both of whom are published authors, along with Matthew Sternberg. The publishing house’s inventory until now has consisted of books by Edgar-nominated author Libby Sternberg, who serves as Istoria’s editor-in-chief.

Istoria recently opened to submissions and will accept unagented queries. They will publish fiction in a wide variety of genres: romance, women’s fiction, historical, literary, mystery, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, young adult. Submission guidelines are available at their website--

Istoria Books releases are available on all major ebook etailers, most notably Amazon’s Kindle store, and, in addition to others.

A humorous piece by Libby Sternberg about the evolution to the Kindle (“From Papyrus to Gutenberg to Kindle”) was published by the Wall Street Journal on January 5.

Reviewers interested in Istoria Books offerings should contact Libby Sternberg at or