Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer Wrap-up Read-a-Thon Start-Up: Show off your pile + Bookmark giveaway

Read-a-thon Signups

I'm up and reading and looking forward to participating in this read-a-thon for the next week.  The introductory post can be found at Some Like it Paranormal and it's a show off your pile challenge.

We're off to do the official summer thing for where I live, head out in the boat.  Can't wait, but a book will be going with me.  I have about 100 pages left of:

Then here are some things I have coming in the tbr pile.  Some are review books, some are just books I want to read. I'm not good at narrowing down, because my mood changes, but I hope to read 3-5 more books besides If I Die during this week.

There are also some books on my Kindle (the Never to Sleep novella by Rachel Vincent will surely be read because I have Before I Wake on the way from the library), and this list is bound to change, but here are some examples.  I'm pretty sure Dark Frost is going out on the boat with me today as I plan to finish If I Die in a little bit.

Are you joining in?  Comment and let me know and I'll do a drawing on the 13th for some bookmarks  and assorted swag that can fit in an envelope from various authors and bloggers to send to you (who doesn't love bookmarks?)