Thursday, May 23, 2013

Book Review: Pulse by Patrick Carman

Pulse (Pulse, #1)Pulse by Patrick Carman
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books 
Publish Date: February 26, 2013
Hardcover, 384 pages
ISBN: 9780062085764


My Review:
I was extremely excited to receive Pulse through Amazon Vine. From the description it sounded like a book that I would really enjoy. And I don't think I even knew it was a series when I first requested it, but the thought of that now just makes me happy (and a little impatient too!)

The first little bit of Pulse was a little hard for me to get into. I was thrust into this world and really didn't understand much about it or the characters, but after about 75 pages, I was completely enthralled. The story just keeps building on itself, adding more characters (but not too many to get confusing) and more plot with each page. The world becomes more clear, the characters more defined. By page 200, I was amazed at what Patrick Carman had done with a little over half of the book. I was now clearly invested in the characters and couldn't wait to figure out just what was going on.

The characters are interesting. I really enjoyed getting to know Faith, Hawk and Liz in the beginning and continuing to get to know them as well. Then throwing Dylan, Wade and Clara made things interesting and murky at the same time. Just who is good and who is bad and what exactly is going on? But that was the fun.

The plot zooms along building on the world and conspiracies and who is who. No spoilers here but let me tell you the build up leads to one pulse-pounding scene. I also like how things are taken to the ending of this book, but lead into the next book. There is definitely interest building for the second book, but I don't feel like I'm going to kill the author or other people before it comes out. Though I will be eagerly awaiting book number 2!

Pulse is a great young adult dystopian with another different feel. I admire authors for coming up with ways to really change things up and I feel Patrick Carman did here with the story and how he crafted the story. If you want an exciting thrill ride then this is one I can definitely recommend.

My rating: 4.5/5.0

About the Book:
From New York Times bestselling author Patrick Carman, a teen fantasy-adventure of epic proportions. In 2051, some teens have a “pulse,” the power to move objects with their minds. Compulsively readable, with thrilling action scenes and a tender love story.

The year is 2051, and the world is still recognizable. With the help of her mysterious classmate Dylan Gilmore, Faith Daniels discovers that she can move objects with her mind. This telekinetic ability is called a “pulse,” and Dylan has the talent, too.

In riveting action scenes, Faith demonstrates her ability to use her pulse against a group of telekinesis masters so powerful they will flatten their enemies by uprooting street lights, moving boulders, and changing the course of a hurtling hammer so that it becomes a deadly weapon. But even with great talent, the mind—and the heart—can be difficult to control. If Faith wants to join forces with Dylan and save the world, she’ll have to harness the power of both.

Patrick Carman’s Pulse trilogy is a stunning, action-filled triumph about the power of the mind—and the power of love.

About the Author (from Goodreads):
I have been a lifelong writer and storyteller. Salem, Oregon is where I spent my formative years and I graduated from Willamette University. After college, I spent a decade living in Portland, Oregon where I worked in advertising, game design, and technology.

I've written young adult and children's books for Scholastic, Little Brown Books For Young Readers and Katherine Tegen Books/ HarperCollins Publishers.


***I received this book through Amazon Vine for an honest review.  I was not compensated in any other way except receiving the book for free.  ***