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Book Review and Giveaway: Forbidden Sister by V.C. Andrews

Forbidden Sister by V.C. Andrews
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publish Date: February 26, 2013
Paperback, 432 pages 
also available in Hardback from Gallery Books 
Fiction, General Fiction
 ISBN: 9781439155059

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My Review:
I remember finding Flowers in the Attic at the store when I was a teenager and reading through the first 50 pages just standing there (okay my Dad was the manager of the store and I think I was waiting for closing or for my Mom to talk to him or something).  I went on to buy the book and rush through it and the rest of the series.  I also remember sharing it with all my friends.  I think we all did that back in the mid-late 80s or maybe before, I'm not sure when the books came out, but that's when they were a hit with my friends.  So I'm a sucker for a new V.C. Andrews book even though I know she has passed on and they are written by a ghostwriter.  I read one last year and really enjoyed it and I read the cover copy for this one and was really intrigued so I said yes to the review.  And to repeat what I say so often, I'm glad I did.

Forbidden Sister feels like old V.C. Andrews but it isn't the same old storyline revisited.  Yes there are controlling parents, but these are kinder gentler ones, well at least to Emmie who is the center of this story.  I liked Emmie and found myself turning page after page and wanting to pick the book right back up after putting it down.  It was an interesting story.  Separated sisters.  One who chose a life of being an escort or at least that's what Emmie thinks.  Emmie wants to know Roxy and tries to find her, but shies away at the last minute from seeing her.  I won't go into more details because I don't want to spoil the book, but what follows is a very interesting read.  I often wondered where the book was going, but was surprised to find it did go somewhere and found I liked it.

The characters are interesting, the storyline captivating.  I could empathize with both Roxy and Emmie so the story felt real to me.  I truly enjoyed this book and look forward to the next story in this series.

My Rating: 4.5/5.0

About the Book:
When Emmie Wilcox, the younger daughter of Norton and Vivian Wilcox, was seven, her father, frustrated with his older daughter Roxanne's misbehavior and defiance, told her to get out. At seventeen, Roxy left. Norton forbid her name be mentioned again and refused to call the police to find her and force her to return. Nearly eight years later, Emmie learns that her sister has become a highpriced New York call girl, living in a fancy hotel only a dozen blocks away. She sets out to spy on her sister and thus sets off a series of events and adventures that nearly tear her fragile family apart.

About the Author: 
One of the most popular authors of all time, V.C. Andrews has been a bestselling phenomenon since the publication of her spellbinding classic Flowers in the Attic. That blockbuster novel began her renowned Dallanganger family saga which includes Petals on the Wind, If There Be Thorns, Seeds of Yesterday and Garden of Shadows. Since then, readers have been captivated by more than sixty novels in V.C. Andrews's bestselling series. Forbidden Sister is the first of two captivating novels featuring the Wilcox sisters, Emmie and Roxy. V.C. Andrews's novels have sold more than 106 million copies and have been translated into twenty-two foreign languages.

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