Thursday, October 1, 2009

Review Copy Arrival: How to Catch and Keep a Vampire by Diane Laurence

How to Catch and Keep a Vampire: A Step-By-Step Guide to Loving the Bad and the Beautiful

How to Catch and Keep a Vampire by Diane Laurence

I received this from the publisher and look forward to reading how I can catch my own vampire.

Discover the Secret of the Red Satin Ribbon . . .In How to Catch and Keep a Vampire: A Step-by-Step Guide to Loving the Bad and the Beautiful, author Diana Laurence explores the romantic fascination we mortals have for the undead. Why do perfectly normal people fall for such sinister beings? And more importantly, what should we do about it when we do? Diana Laurence knows. With loads of personal experience to draw upon, Laurence does everything from explaining the attraction to blood-drinkers, to sharing what red satin signifies to them. In this book, she has created a road map to show readers how a vampire relationship can be achieved and conducted in harmony with everyday existence.

Win Arrival: Role of a Lifetime by James Brown

Role of a Lifetime: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Significant Living

Role of a Lifetime by James Brown

I received this from the giveaway that Rann of This That and the Other Thing had. Thank you Rann! I have watched James Brown as a sportscaster for awhile now and have always admired him, now I get to read about him and I'm excited.

We live in a world that all too often operates under the overriding template of self-promotion, embracing a "hooray for me" attitude, and which measures success in increasingly small timeframes dotted with markers of temporal value.

Millions of viewers know James Brown as a sports commentator and former athlete. With ROLE OF A LIFETIME, James reveals a different side of his character. Brown rose from a middle-class home to earn a scholarshipto Havard and a chance at a professional sports career before moving on to broadcast jouranlism. Part memoir and part self-help, this book draws on James' lessons from his faith and life experiences to guide readers to find fulfillment and significance. He offers values and encouragment to others of all generations, assisting them in their search for meaning in navigating a world that increasingly promotes transient values, if any at all. His message that shortcuts and gimmicks are counterproductive to a person's success provides hope that there is a God who cares about them and their futures.

Review Copy Arrival: Breaking the Bank by Yona Zeldis McDonough

Breaking the Bank

Breaking the Bank by Yona Zeldis McDonough

I received this for a Pocket Book Tour.


Mia Saul is down on her luck. Dumped by her husband, jettisoned from her job, and estranged from her adored older brother, she and her young daughter, Eden, have had to make a downscale move to a crummy apartment, where their neighbors include a tough young drug dealer and a widower who lets his dogs use the hallways as their own personal litter box. Juggling a series of temporary jobs, wrangling with her ex-husband over child support, and trying to keep pace with Eden's increasingly erratic behavior have left Mia weary and worn out.


So when a seemingly functional ATM starts handing Mia thousands and thousands of dollars -- and not deducting the money from her account, because it sure isn't in there -- she isn't about to give it back. Her newfound cash stash opens up a world of opportunity, and a whole lot of trouble. Worried friends, family, and in-laws start questioning her judgment about everything, and the cops really, really want to know where all that cash is coming from. And then there's Patrick, a man Mia most definitely would never have met if things hadn't spun out of control. Mia is beginning to think that maybe somebody, somewhere, is trying to teach her a lesson about what matters in life, and what doesn't....

Book Review: Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain

Evil at Heart (Gretchen Lowell, #3) Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain

My rating: 4.5/5.0
I have read Chelsea Cain's Gretchen Lowell series since book one and have enjoyed it. It's creepy and gory and great suspense and if you like all of those things then you will like this book.

About the book:
Gretchen Lowell is still on the loose. These days, she’s more of a cause célèbre than a feared killer, thanks to sensationalist news coverage that has made her a star. Her face graces magazine covers weekly and there have been sightings of her around the world. Most shocking of all, Portland Herald reporter Susan Ward has uncovered a bizarre kind of fan club, which celebrates the number of days she’s been free.

Archie Sheridan hunted her for a decade, and after his last ploy to catch her went spectacularly wrong, remains hospitalized months later. When they last spoke, they entered a détente of sorts---Archie agreed not to kill himself if she agreed not to kill anyone else. But when a new body is found accompanied by Gretchen’s trademark heart, all bets are off and Archie is forced back into action. Has the Beauty Killer returned to her gruesome ways, or has the cult surrounding her created a whole new evil?

My Review:

Archie has been in treatment now after his last escape from Gretchen Lowell and Gretchen is on the run after escaping prison. Now a series of murders that appear like some of Gretchen's early murders are occurring around Portland. Henry is on the case and Susan is looking for a good story. Archie just wants to be free from Gretchen once and for all, or does he?

This was honestly a wild ride. I have read each book as they came out, so I was a little foggy on what happened in the previous books, but Ms. Cain does a great job summarizing vital parts of previous books so I was able to keep up well with what was going on in this book. After I got about 50 pages in, this was hard to put down and I was still trying to figure out who did what on the last page. This is one of those suspense thrillers that stays with you for awhile. I highly recommend this series if you like suspense thrillers and have a strong stomach.

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Booking Through Thursday - October 1

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Here is this week's Booking Through Thursday question:

Saw this article (from March) and thought it would make a good BTT confessional question:

Two-thirds of Brits have lied about reading books they haven’t. Have you? Why? What book?

I don't think so - generally I don't get in too many book discussions except here on the web and I don't recall ever lying about reading a book.

Okay now that I think about it - back in high school - The Great Gatsby - I just could not get into it so I read the Cliff's Notes. So I did lie back then. But now I don't see any reason to.