Friday, September 27, 2013

Chicken Soup for the Soul Living Social Deal

Chicken Soup for the Soul Soup-er-Blogger
Hey everyone!  I don't think I've mentioned it, but I'm now a Chicken Soup for the Soul Soup-er Blogger.  With that I will be bringing you reviews of these wonderful books and their new product line.  I'll also announce from time-to-time special deals like the one I have for you today.

You can find this deal on the wonderful Living Social site and it's a great one.  For $29, you get two Chicken Soup for the Soul ebooks, an audio book, a puzzle book, five of their brand-new comfort food products and six additional exclusive gift items. This is actually a $130 Value. This is a great gift idea, especially with Christmas around the corner!  The cups below are just part of the deal, read on or follow the link to see exactly what is in the package.

In this Living Social Deal ($130 value for $29)

1 Chicken Soup for the Soul’s flagship, ready to eat, chicken noodle soup, rich with tender chunks of chicken
1 Signature classic chicken broth, for all your cooking needs
1 BBQ-style beef flavored broth for hearty stews and winter meals
1 Smooth and delicious turkey gravy – just in time for the holidays
1 Zesty pasta sauce bursting with imported Italian tomatoes and herbs
2 ebooks – Chicken Soup for the Soul bestsellers: Chicken Soup for the Soul 20th Anniversary Edition and Chicken Soup for the Soul Cookbook
1 audiobook of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive
1 fun word-puzzle book filled with inspirational quotes
1 limited edition photo frame with an exclusive inspirational quote, perfect for gifting
2 limited-edition Chicken Soup for the Soul ceramic mugs, complete with their own spoons
And a special apron, potholder, and oven mitt set, complete with an original inspirational quotation

So go here and check it out, I'm thinking about a few for Christmas gifts myself!

Have a great Friday all!