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Tough Luck by C.M. Stunich Release Blitz

Title: Tough Luck (Hard Rock Roots #3)
Author: C.M. Stunich
Release Date: November 14, 2013
Genre: New Adult Romance



Ronnie McGuire is my target. But I wish he wasn't. I didn't sign up for this destruction, this pain. In his music, I hear his soul crying out for me. If I could, I'd run away from here and never look back because to tell you the truth, I'm terrified. There are forces weighing in on me that even I don't understand. I'm scared. Things are dangerous. This could get real ugly, real fast. & & & Lola Saints is a godsend. But I wish she wasn't. I don't know sh*t about her, but already, I'm hooked. When she plays, I can almost imagine the ghosts of the dead are calling out to me. If I could, I'd shed my soul and leave the pain of the past behind me. But I can't. I have to figure out if there's a way to fall in love anew and respect the old. But something else is going on, something weird. Something that tells me my tough luck might just run out real fast. *This is NOT the last book in the series. There will be later books featuring Turner and Naomi again, and they also appear in this volume quite a bit. ;)

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Also, to celebrate this release, book #1, REAL UGLY, is on sale at $0.99!!! 

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#4 - BAD DAY (1 Dec 2013)
When I get back upstairs, I find that the commotion has only gotten worse. The cops all eye me like they're pretty sure I'm the killer, even if it defies all logic. Their questions were pretty pointed, too. They'd love to pin this crap on me. Thank the friggin' stars that I was onstage at Chelsea's estimated time of death. Stupid fuckers.
I pause in front of Turner's room and take a deep breath, wishing I didn't have a massive, throbbing fucking erection. That's nice. Great way to reintroduce myself to my daughter. I have no idea what I was thinking following Lola downstairs, but … strangely enough, even though we barely made it out the damn doors, I feel better. A lot better.
I raise my hand to knock, but the door flies open in front of me and leaves me face to face with Naomi Knox.
“You better get your ass in here before he kills your kid on accident. Never in my life have I been so happy to be sure he's not a father,” she tells me, stepping aside and sweeping some of her blonde hair over her shoulder.
Turner's sitting on the floor with Lydia, turning the pages of a tattoo magazine and pointing at half-naked girls with his finger.
“See the rose?” he asks, gesturing at a bright, red flower on the back of some skinny chick's butt. Nice. Real nice. He looks up at me when I step into the room and narrows his eyes.
“Star,” Lydia says, leaning forward and pointing at the tattoos that line the edge of Turner's hairline. “Daddy has stars.” He groans and leans back, letting his head fall so that he's staring up at the ceiling. When he looks back up at me, he's frowning hard.
“Where the fuck have you been?” he growls as Naomi rolls her eyes and plops into a chair near the small table by the kitchen. Fucking Turner got a Goddamn suite all to himself. How special.
“Answering questions from the cops,” I say, and before he can protest and call me out on that, I move forward and squat down next to Lydia. She's not covered in blood anymore. Her red ringlets are damp and she's dressed in a T-shirt that's way too big for her. It's got our logo on the front, the one with the stupid goat with X's for eyes. She doesn't turn to look at me, just keeps staring at Turner and pointing at his tattoos.
“Kitty paw,” she says and he sighs, raising his brows and giving me a look.
“You are in deep shit, man,” he says. “Deep, deep shit.” Turner gets to his feet and Lydia reaches forward, grasping with her fingers for his pants. “Daddy, no!” she calls out, tears filling her green eyes and dripping down her face. God, I'd love to be able to cry like children do. They don't hold anything back. Their emotions are all out on the table, laid flat and unforgiving. They never apologize for feeling the way they do. They just let it out and move on. I'm envious as fuck.
“Lydia, that's Uncle Turner,” I tell her, reaching out and touching her arm with my fingers. My hands are shaking like crazy. I try to blame it on the drugs, but when I look up at Turner, his face is full of sympathy. I swallow hard and look back at my daughter who's sobbing a bit more quietly now, rubbing at her face with her hands. I lick my lips and try to find my voice, but it isn't there. I'm suddenly speechless, and my heart starts to pound.
The way you look at me, I know there's love there. You don't even have to say it. I can see it. Just look at me, Ronnie. Look at me.
Pain hits me like a truck and I double over, dropping my head to my knees. Asuka's voice ricochets around in my head, blocking out any logical thoughts, blinding me. I need you, I think at her. I need you for this. I don't know what to do. God, help me, but I'm lost.
I lift my chin up and stare at Lydia, doing my best to bring up an image of her mother in my head. The only thing I can come up with are the photos the cops showed me. I have no real life memories of her. None. And now she's dead because of me. How sad is that? My self-esteem takes another plummet, threatening to pull me down along with it and wrap me up in the threads of my own demise. I can almost see the image of my own death floating before me, beckoning me with cruel hands and a wicked smile.
“Man, are you alright?” Turner asks, bending down next to me. I can't even see his face, all I can see are ghosts and lost promises, broken hearts and bloody fates. “If you don't love yourself, you're pretty much fucked. Chin up and you'll get through it.” Lola's words slip through the cracks in my consciousness breaking my melancholia like a sheet of glass. It's the first time in a long time I've actually heard the voice of a live person in my head. The weirdest part about it is, I don't even know the girl. I don't know her, and her advice is mediocre at best anyway. It's not an epic quote pulled from the depths of an ancient anthology. It's just … some words. Meaningless words.
But they help.
They help, and I don't know why.
About the Author
C.M. Stunich was raised under a cover of fog in the area known simply as Eureka, CA. A mysterious place, this strange, arboreal land nursed Caitlin's (yes, that's her name!) desire to write strange fiction novels about wicked monsters, magical trains, and Nemean Lions (Google it!). She currently enjoys drag queens, having too many cats, and tribal bellydance. Always a fan of the indie scene and 'sticking it to the man,' Ms. Stunich decided to take the road less traveled and forgo the traditional publishing route. You can be assured though that she received several rejections as to ensure her proper place in the world of writers before taking up a friend's offer to start a publishing company. Sarian Royal was born, and Ms. Stunich's books slowly transformed from mere baking chocolate to full blown tortes with hand sculpted fondant flowers. C.M. is a writer obsessed with delivering the very best and scours her mind on a regular basis to select the most unusual stories for the outside world. Ms. Stunich can be reached via e-mail or by post and loves to hear from her readers. Ms. Stunich also wrote this biography and has no idea why she decided to refer to herself in the third person.
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Stranded with a Hero Anthology Blog Tour, Guest post by Author Karen Erickson

My Christmas Story Addiction 
by Karen Erickson

I have a confession to make (and if you’ve been a reader of mine for a while, you’ve probably figured this out): I’m addicted to writing holiday-themed stories.

Mostly novellas, though I do have a Christmas book (JANE’S GIFT, first in my Lone Pine Lake series from the Bliss imprint at Entangled Publishing). And not only am I addicted to writing Christmas and holiday-themed stories I also love reading them. You should see my Kindle. It’s loaded with them, a lot from last year that I never got a chance to read! I’m hoping to rectify that this year but I’ve already racked up new holiday romances. My Kindle cries every time I one click, does yours?

I’m getting off track with the topic at hand though and that’s holiday stories. There’s something so hopeful about them. Full of tradition and romance, decorations and stress and presents and love, I love them. They’re so real and okay…also full of fantasy. Many times, I can relate. Or I can hope I find a hot hunky dude in need of a place to stay for Christmas considering he just wrecked his car and the snow is falling and my cozy cabin in the woods is warm and full of freshly baked sugar cookies (I really hope my husband doesn’t read this).

More than anything, holiday romances leave me with a warm, fuzzy feeling that I absolutely can’t get enough of.

Considering the plethora of Christmas books that come out every holiday season, I know I’m not alone in my love for them. There are some authors I can always count on for delivering a delicious holiday themed story and my number one favorite is Jill Shalvis. She has so many! But I’m a known Jill fan (she probably has a restraining order against me ha ha) so she can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes.

My latest book with the Bliss imprint is their holiday anthology with three other (amazing!) Bliss authors, STRANDED WITH A HERO (featuring LOVING MINDY, a novella that’s part of my Lone Pine Lake series.

Stranded with a Hero by Karen Erickson, Cindi Madsen, Coleen Kwan and Roxanne Snopek

Publisher: Entangled Publishing – Bliss

Date of Publication: November 11, 2013

ISBN: 9781622663842


Getting snowed in never felt so good as boundaries are crossed, opposites attract, and friends discovering more promise a Christmas no one will ever forget.

Loving Mindy by Karen Erickson
Mindy can’t believe she’s stuck with her ex–best friend—and the man whose heart she broke years ago—for the holidays, though the tension between them is more than enough to keep them warm. Josh Powers never forgot Mindy, but he can’t risk his heart a second time.

White-Hot Holiday by Coleen Kwan
Naomi’s sworn off men like Aaron—rich, cocky, and dismissive of holiday traditions. Aaron decided to spend Christmas in sunny Australia to avoid snowy New York, not to fall for the woman his best friend warned him away from. But when a volcano grounds him, Aaron and Naomi’s relationship becomes eruptive.

An Officer and a Rebel by Cindi Madsen
The last person police officer Nate Walsh expected to discover in a snowstorm is his brother’s ex and former town rebel, Kelsey Cooper. She’s his complete opposite and totally off-limits, but as they wait out the storm together, all he can think is how he wishes she’d stay forever.

Saving the Sheriff by Roxanne Snopek
Frankie Sylva was determined to free the captive reindeer, even if it meant risking her own life. Deputy Sheriff Red LeClair set out to save a stranger in a snowstorm, never expecting he’d be the one to be rescued.

STRANDED WITH A HERO is available at the following retailers:

Where you can find Karen: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest

Karen’s bio:

USA Today bestselling author Karen Erickson writes what she loves to read – sexy contemporary romance. Digitally published since 2006, she’s a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite with her husband and three children. She is also the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of new adult contemporary romance Monica Murphy.

Book Promo & Author Interview: Even Villains Go to the Movies by Liana Brooks

Today is the second of several spotlights featuring authors and books from publisher Breathless Press. I think these books deserve a definite look and I thank each of the authors for participating in an interview. I hope you enjoy this visiting with Liana Brooks and the feature on her book Even Villians Go to the Movies. So check out the interview, check out the book and leave a comment for Liana too!

Interview with Liana Brooks:

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? 
Every where! Anytime I think I’ve found the perfect place I see somewhere new I want to visit. We have such a beautiful planet, I’d like to see most of it before I die (Mount Everest is not on the list – it’s too cold!).

What's the first sentence of EVEN VILLAINS GO TO THE MOVIES? 

New York is everything I hoped it would be.

Tell us what EVEN VILLAINS GO TO THE MOVIES is all about. 

It’s about Angela, the oldest daughter of Doctor Charm and Zephyr Girl. She’s been raised in a superhero family but she feels it would be too easy to abuse her power and make people obey her, so she decides to become a civilian and teach math. She really does love that job, she loves teaching, she loves hanging out with the teens, but it doesn’t work out and she winds up going on the run. To make some money under the table she agrees to work as a motorcycle stunt rider in a movie. That’s where she meets Tyler Running Fox and Jacob Kapsimolis, two very hunky men who each attract Angela’s attention in their own way.

But Arktos is the one who steals her heart. He’s the superhero of L.A.; a masked man who rushes to her rescue, trades Shakesperean retorts, and sweeps her off her feet.

Angela knows that Arktos is either Jacob or Tyler, and she knows the villain trying to burn her alive is the other one. Someone is lying to her. Someone is threatening her. And if she makes the wrong choice, it’s going to be her last choice.

Dish, who’s your favorite character? 

Don’t hate me, but I love a minor character the most. I always do! I get so attached to the minor characters. In this book, Aaron is the one I love best. He’s Arktos’s younger brother, a teenage boy raised by his grandmother and now by his older superhero brother, he’s confused and frustrated and still a good kid, he just needs a lot of love. I see a lot of my younger self in Aaron, he’s in the shadow of a hero and just needs to be loved.

What book would Angela have on her nightstand? 

I suspect she has THE COMPLETE WORKS OF SHAKESPEARE, PERSUASSION by Jane Austen, and a calculus textbook on her nightstand. Angela is a closet romantic, she believes in love even though she doesn’t recognize it right away.

What one book that turned you on to reading? 

THE HOBBIT, the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, and FARMER GILES OF HAM all by J.R.R. Tolkien . I am pedigree Geek. Some children had parents who read GOODNIGHT MOON to them, but I graduated straight from THE SNEECHES by Dr. Suess to Tolkien. I remember taking my hardcover copy of THE HOBBIT to show-and-tell in Kindergarten. I love that world. I love what Tolkien created and the power those stories still have over me. With every book I read, that’s what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a soul-consuming forever love, to be completely immersed in another world. Books are my drug, and I will never quit them. 

Even Villains Go to the Movies
Publisher: Breathless Press
Publish Date: Nov. 15, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-77101-184-6


Choosing between good and evil has never been this much fun.

When your mother is America's Superhero Sweetheart and your daddy's the Number One Super Villain, you grow up feeling a little conflicted.

Angela Smith has superpowers—nothing that will ever make her comic-book famous—but her ability to psychically sense and manipulate the emotions of people around her has drawn unwanted government attention. Forced to choose between her quiet life as a teacher under constant surveillance or the life of a rogue, she chooses the latter. She plans to hide out in sunny Los Angeles where being a blue-eyed blonde won't make anyone bat a false eyelash.

Silver screen star by day, superhero by night, Arktos is a triple-threat. He can fly, freeze anything, and see glimpses of the future, all of which he needs to keep the city of Los Angeles safe, but which does nothing for his social life. When a frightening vision of an explosion leads him to rescue a damsel in distress, he finds himself trading Shakespearean insults with a rogue.

Angela knows just how dangerous well-intentioned superheroes can be: one tried to kill her family when she was young. Arktos knows he should hand the rogue over to Company justice; it's not safe for someone like her to be in the middle of a fight.

But they can't seem to stay apart. And together, they just might be able to melt all the obstacles standing between true love for a hero and a villain.

Buy Links:Breathless Press
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Double Cover Reveal: Before the Devil Knows You're Dead by Patricia Eimer & Call of the Siren by Rosalie Lario

For the first cover reveal, I give you Before the Devil Knows You're Dead by Patricia Elmer!

“Ms. Eimer’s twist on God and the Devil is genius. . . . Luck of the Devil is pure entertainment with satirical religious undertones that yield uncontrollable, giggles-worthy hilarity that simply adds to the fun.” - Renee C. Fountain, New York Journal of Books

Speak Of The Devil Trilogy Overview
SPEAK OF THE DEVIL is a paranormal romantic comedy series that follows the Devil’s youngest daughter Faith Bettincourt as she tries to build a lasting relationship with Matt Andrews, the sexy nephilim next door. Can these two find a way to defeat their crazy families, a group of homicidal pixies, and the start of the Apocalypse and still get Happily Ever After? Or are they doomed to be on opposite sides of the good and evil fence for all eternity?

BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU’RE DEAD is the amazing conclusion to the Speak of the Devil trilogy!

Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead by Patricia Eimer
Publication: March 25th, 2014 by Entangled Select

Not Even Death Keeps a Good Demoness Down

There’s never an end to the crazy when you’re demon spawn. Not that Faith Bettincourt’s complaining. She’s been patching things up with her angelic on-again off-again boyfriend, Matt, and her best-friend-turned-sister-in-law is soon giving birth to the Anti-Christ Part Deux. Oh, and Faith is saving kids from Death in her pediatric unit one soul at a time. Life is good.

Until Faith accidentally runs over the Angel of Death and is forced to take his place. Now she’s taking lives instead of saving them. Which is kind of a problem when you’re a nurse. As if that weren’t bad enough, she is suddenly thrust into the worst scenario of them all--Matt’s ex Brenda is back, and she’s brought the Apocalypse with her.

Faith’s not about to give up the world...or her man. But when the chips are down, what’s a demoness supposed to do? Besides take matters into her own hands, of course.

Patricia Eimer is a small-town girl who was blessed with a large tree in the backyard made for reading in on summer days. Mixed with too much imagination, it made her a bratty child but fated her to become a storyteller. She currently lives in Pittsburgh with her two wonderful kids and a husband that learned the gourmet art of frozen pizzas to give her more time to write. When she’s not writing she can be found fencing and arguing about with her dogs about who’s in charge.

And now for the second cover reveal we have Call of the Siren by Rosalie Lario!

Paranormal romance readers should definitely hop on this thrill-ride of a series..." - Night Owl Reviews - Top Pick!

The DEMONS OF INFERNUM  is a paranormal romance series featuring four brothers who are interdimensional bounty hunters. Set in modern-day New York City, it features a world very much like our own...with one exception. Supernatural beings roam the streets, undetected by most humans. They aren’t the stuff of horror stories—at least not in the traditional sense. They’re species from other dimensions who have traveled to Earth via portals. Most are law-abiding citizens, but every now and again a fugitive goes on the loose...and that’s where our heroes come in.

Bred to be genetically superior by their demon father, Keegan, Taeg, Ronin, and Dagan are hybrids. Each bears unique genetic makeup, yet the four are similar in their loyalty for one another. But as the brothers battle a growing evil, they will each meet their perfect match. They will find their loyalty—and love—put to the ultimate test.

CALL OF THE SIREN is the epic conclusion to the Demons of Infernum series!

Call of the Siren by Rosalie Lario
Publication: March 25th, 2014 by Entangled Select
The half-siren half-demon bounty hunter Dagan Meyers swore he'd never settle down. His older brothers might’ve adjusted well to family life but tying himself to one woman is so not Dagan’s bag. Until he meets the gorgeous angel Lina, his brother Ronin’s long-lost adopted sister, and he can’t think of being with anybody but her. Too bad Ronin’s well aware of Dagan’s party-boy lifestyle and won’t let him anywhere near his angelic baby sister.

Lina is still getting over the abandonment issues that began when she was orphaned as a child and has devoted her life to taking down evil Otherworlders. The last thing she wants is to develop feelings for man she knows will eventually leave her, too. But as the battle against a growing darkness continues—a powerful fae who’s harnessed untold power—Dagan and Lina find that love may be their greatest weapon against the very thing that threatens to destroy them all.

Rosalie Lario is the award-winning, paranormal romance author of the Demons of Infernum and the Fallen Warriors series. Rosalie double majored in Anthropology and Classics as an undergraduate student, and briefly considered becoming an archaeologist before realizing they don't actually live the life of Indiana Jones. So what was a classical geek armed with a lot of useless knowledge to do? Become a lawyer, of course!

After attending law school in Florida, she practiced real estate law for several years before finally admitting to herself that negotiating contracts wasn't nearly as fun as dreaming up stories. She never imagined all the mythology she'd learned throughout her undergraduate education might actually come in handy, but it makes perfect fodder for the paranormal romance stories she now dreams up.

When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children in their home state of Florida.