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Risk of a Lifetime by Claudia Shelton: Book Review

Risk of a Lifetime by Claudia Shelton
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Entangled Ignite

Pub Date: April 14, 2014
Pages: 213
Format: Ebook 

ISBN: 9781622665341

My Review:
If pressed to review this book in just a few words, I would have to say it was amazing and very hard to put down.

Now you know I'm not a woman of few words, so let's go into the whys of my love of Risk of a Lifetime.  First of all characters.  As usual this is a biggie with me and I love that Marcy and JB have a history, they were/are married, he may not know about the still married part, but she does.  They have this bond they cannot sever.  She couldn't sign the divorce papers, he can't help but want to save her and he always calls her "sugar" {swoon}.  However Marcy has stood on her own two feet and JB has continued his life following the dream of being in the FBI.  But when they are thrown back together again the sparks do fly and both characters begin to grow and mature into two people that can make it as a couple.  It takes a crazy man after them both to show them, but they do start to work through things.

I also enjoyed the plot.  There are some curves thrown in this one and every time I thought I had this one figured out, Ms. Shelton changed it up on me.  Kudos to her on this one.  It was a great suspense plot to go with the character development.

I thoroughly enjoyed Risk of a Lifetime. The characters seemed real and I loved the way they matured enough to figure out how to be together.  I also really enjoyed the suspense.  It kept me enthralled through the whole book.  As a romantic suspense book it scores perfectly on both elements.  Keeping a nice balance of romance and suspense.  I truly will look forward to more books by Ms. Shelton! 

My Rating: 5.0/5.0

Three years ago, Marcy Bradley let the man she loved go so he could follow his career dream of being an FBI agent. She sent divorce papers. He signed. She never filed them.  Injured during his last assignment, FBI Special Agent Jean Bernard—JB—Bradley questions the integrity of his fellow agents. A few days recuperation back in his hometown will give him the perspective he needs. The added bonus is it’ll give him time to convince his ex-wife to come back to him, despite his life of risk. But when Marcy experiences a slew of unexplained accidents, JB realizes he brought the danger to her doorstep.  With a killer after them, Marcy and JB run for their lives, escaping to a lakeside cabin. Their love is rekindled, and JB realizes they’re still married, but will there be time for their passion amidst the explosions and gunshots?
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Author Biography (from her website):
I live where summers are hot with humidity and winters are freezing cold! Whether enjoying a cool drink by the water on a sunny day or hot cocoa while walking in the snow, I'm always looking for my next happily-ever-after story. Plus what adventure would be complete without an iota of intrigue or a splash of suspense? After all, I grew up watching heroes save the world and rescue the heroine. Or was it that the lady inspired the man so much he had no choice but to risk life and limb to love her forever.

Ummmmm...maybe I'll figure that one out someday. For now though, that's why I write sexy Alphas and the women strong enough to love them.
      You might say my writing career began in grade school with advanced English classes. Years later, the love-of-my-life and a family and the everyday world embraced me. I was living my happily-ever-after to the fullest!  No, my stories are not about my life, but I'm glad for all that fabulous research. 

Sharing time with my family and pets is always a source of happiness. And, relaxing on my swing with a good book is a great way to start (or end) the day.

By the way, if someone said I could go anywhere in the world, my first response would be:"Where's the water? Where's the sand? Where's the dang suntan lotion?!?!?"  

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***I received this book from the publisher for an honest review.  I was not compensated in any other way except receiving the book for free.  ***


BECKY said...

Great book review! I've known Claudia for a few years and I know she is very dedicated to her writing. We belong to the same critique group, too, and I'm sure I've read along some of these chapters....or at least versions of them! Congratulations again, Claudia! I know how excited you are!

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