Friday, November 4, 2011

Guest Blog: Teenage Garage Sale by Megan Bostic (Never Eighteen)

If I were to have a garage sale from my teen years, here’s what you’d find:
Posters,$1.00 each: Posters of James Dean, the Beatles, the Cure, and the Police mostly.
12 inch single records, $100 for the whole collection: One thing we collected back then were what we called 12 inch singles. They were records kind of like iTunes where you didn’t have to buy the whole album, you could just buy one song. My favorite singles were Kiss Me by Steven Tin Tin Duffy, Poison Arrow by ABC, Forever Young by Alphaville (yes, Jay-Z’s version is a cover), Blue Monday by New Order, How Soon is Now by the Smiths, Every Day is Halloween by Ministry, and Love Cats by The Cure, but I had many more.


Oversized Sweaters $3 each: These were very popular. I had them in various colors, mostly bought from the Limited.

Swatches, $10 each: These were Swiss Watches that came in all sorts of colors and designs. You could even buy face protectors for them.


Stirrup Pants, $1.00 per pair: Everyone wore them, even some of the new wave guys.

Bangle Bracelets, $2.00 per set : Plastic, metal, rubber, didn’t matter as long as we were wearing at least 10-20 up our arms.


Jelly Shoes, $1.00 per pair: Very popular, totally uncomfortable. I had a few pairs in different colors.

Crystal here:  Megan - we must be close to the same age, I'm probably a little older, but I'm very familiar with all of this from my childhood and being a teenager, I loved my 12" single records - still had them up until a few years ago and I coveted my Dad's Beatles and Rolling Stones Albums as well.  Jellies came back when I was in college, but they came back as platform jellies, you thought the flats were uncomfortable . . .

Thanks for the post - it was a walk down memory lane for me.  I love How Soon is Now and almost anything by The Cure and I'm pretty sure I will now be singing Poison Arrow the rest of the day.


Megan Bostic said...

Shoot that poison arrow right through my heeaaaaart!

Thanks Crystal!

gae polisner said...

I am proud to say I avoided jellies altogether (although I am slightly *coughs* older, so it may have been easier) but did not avoid the gigundo sweater that was like twelve sizes too big. Yeah, just what every girl wanted/needed - to look four sizes bigger than she was. And yet. Man, I loved those things. They went so well with leg warmers. ;)

GE Doors said...

In the UK you just dont get the same garage sales as you do in the US.

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