Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cover Interview: Constance Sharper and Airborne

Today I welcome author Constance Sharper to talk about the cover for her YA novel Airborne which I will be reviewing tomorrow.

1.  How much input did you have on your cover?
I bought this cover as is from a popular artist. Though I didn’t get it made custom (as I did with Airborne’s sequel) I chose this cover out of a selection because I found it to embrace the “Airborne” feeling.
2.  What was your first impression when you saw your cover?
My impression of the cover is that the cover did make it an impression. It was a somewhat eerie, rather mystical image that stuck with you after looking at it. And that’s absolutely why I chose it.
3.  What element on the cover do you want to stand out the most to the reader?
I’d like mystical elements like the sparkles and the vibrantly painted colors to stand out to the readers.
4.  If you could change one thing on the cover what would it be?
The model. While the model on the Airborne cover is pretty and fits the scene well, the model has recently stopped doing stock work. Without her, the model on the subsequent covers obviously had to change. I found a new model that will be on the rest of the Airborne covers and while she looks similar, I wish I could have had her on the first cover as well.
5.  What do you think your cover says to the reader?
I think it channels the genre. You can look at it and grasp both a realistic and fantastical feeling. You can already begin to grasp what the book is about. The young model and the photo-manipulation speak to the younger generation as well. It helps attract the readers that the book was meant to attract.


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