Friday, June 10, 2011

Karyn Henley's (Breath of Angel) Top Ten Songs

Today I welcome Karyn Henley, author of Breath of Angel which is currently touring at Teen Book Scene.  Today she is sharing one of her Top Ten Lists.
I like all kinds of music, and I love almost any kind of harp music. I’ve taken harp lessons, though I’m still very much at the just-play-for-fun level. But that’s probably why Melaia is a chantress and harps are a major part of Breath of Angel. As for a top ten list of other songs that stir my heart:

“Scarborough Fair”
“Ode to Joy”
Pachelbel’s Canon in D
Anything by Vivaldi
“Sailing” by Christopher Cross
“Classical Gas”
Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring”
Anything by Yanni
Karl Jenkins’s “Adiemus” albums

Thanks Karyn for sharing with us today.  I will have a review of Breath of Angel in the next few weeks up.

About the Book:
Breath of Angel: A Novel (The Angelaeon Circle)The stranger’s cloak had fallen back, and with it, a long, white, blood-stained wing.
When Melaia, a young priestess, witnesses the gruesome murder of a stranger in the temple courtyard, age-old legends recited in song suddenly come to life. She discovers wings on the stranger, and the murderer takes the shape of both a hawk and a man.

Angels. Shape-shifters. Myths and stories—until now.

Melaia finds herself in the middle of a blood feud between two immortal brothers who destroyed the stairway to heaven, stranding angels in the earthly realm. When Melaia becomes a target, she finds refuge with a band of angels attempting to restore the stairway. But the restoration is impossible without settling an ancient debt—the “breath of angel, blood of man,” a payment that involves Melaia’s heart, soul, and destiny.

View the video trailer here.


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