Friday, April 15, 2011

Guest Post: Author Rebecca Ryals Russell

Today I welcome author Rebecca Ryals Russell to My Reading Room to talk about her new book, Odessa, Book 1 of The Seraphym Wars series which came out March 29, 2011.

Creation of Myrna and her backstory
Ever since the idea for this story began, thirty years ago, I knew the protagonist was a teenaged girl. She always had waist-length black hair, slim but muscular figure, piercing emerald green eyes and non-stop badass attitude. The only things that changed over the years were where she came from and who she was, deep inside.

By the time I finished six to eight (lost count) rewrites and revisions, Myrna’s name and home location had changed about six times. Finally, she landed in Jacksonville, Florida, because I consider that my home and know it intimately. I know the climate, streets, neighborhoods—and they say write what you know. Although Myrna Ashlin Watts grew up in Jacksonville, she doesn’t spend much story-time there because she is immediately whisked away to the planet of the demons, Dracwald, where the story unfolds. However, she leaves a family behind—a family she worries about constantly and feels she must get back to protect.

At the time of the story, Myrna is seventeen-years old and a senior in high school. Two years ago she was walking home from a friend’s house one street over, but it had gotten dark. Despite her father’s warnings, she takes a short-cut through an abandoned property and is attacked by three red-eyed teenaged boys she doesn’t recognize. She is rescued by her younger brother, Quinn, before the boys could do more than terrorize and beat her up a bit. But, just before the story begins, she sees those same boys in a vision and is forced to watch as they do horrifying things to her brother Quinn. The next day, she wakes on Dracwald and is informed of her destiny.


Rebecca Ryals Russell said...

Thanks for having me on your blog. I enjoyed thinking about Myrna's background. Why don't you friend me on GetGlue?

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