Monday, August 30, 2010

CSN Stores - Corelle dishes, serving bowls, glassware and so much more

I love dishes, dinnerware and serving bowls.  My first dinnerware when my husband and I got married was Corelle and we both loved it.  We still have it and look forward to a day when we can redo the kitchen of our house so we can use it again.  CSN Stores has a wonderful selection of Corelle products that are great for any home and great for wedding gifts.  I know a nice set of bowls, a dinnerware set or glassware make a great wedding gift.  And Corelle has so much more as well. 

I like these dishes, I like the simple and they would actually go with my kitchen now:

The bolder me loves these:

Need some new glassware, Corelle has this as well.  These really strike me.

And of course the wonderful Canisters - I could really use some new canisters.

So check out what CSN Stores has to offer in Corelle and come back soon to check out my review of a CSN Stores product, but for now I'm off to dream about new dishes :)

Also CSN Stores has much more to offer in their more than 200 stores, so check them out, you are sure to find something that you are looking for.


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