Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend Wondering - Guest Post topics

Dear readers, it's time to help me out again.  In the next few months I have opportunities to have authors for guest blogs.  I have done interviews, but never guest blogs because of one main reason - the authors want you to select a topic.  Here is where I am clueless - I keep thinking they are the authors, they know what to write, but I realize what they are asking is what my blog readers want to read.

So my readers, what  would you like to see an author or other guest blogger write about here?  I really do need your help here and to sweeten the pot, I will select one commenter to pick two books from my giveaway shelf.  So comment and let  me know a topic you would like to read about.

My giveaway shelf can be found here, it may change during the week as other giveaways end, but there will always be plenty to choose from.  This giveaway ends on 4/23 and I will draw the winner and post on the next Weekend Wondering.

Thanks for your help!


Scorpio M. said...

I enjoy themed posts. They reveal aspects of the blogger/writer without being as formal as an interview.

For ex, what are your top 5 most favorite books? top 5 dystopian reads? top 5 heroes of all time? top 5 WORST reads ever (this will probably get vetoed but I think it would be fun, lol). Just some thoughts.

Have a great weekend!

fredamans said...

I always ask the author to describe their works. Be it novels, short stories, poetry, whatever the subject is. And what made them enter into it. You'd be surprised how much detail you will get back, when asking someone to write about themself.

Bookie said...

I think a post about their inspirations would be good.

Another idea would be to dedicate a week or so to a particular genre of books-say urban fantasy, and different authors and other bloggers could write a post on something pertaining to urban fantasy.

I think Scorpio M's post about themed posts is really a great idea. It would be interesting to read about different authors/bloggers top 5 heroes of all time.

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