Saturday, January 9, 2010

Review: Good Ghouls Guide to Getting Even by Julie Kenner

The Good Ghouls' Guide to Getting Even The Good Ghouls' Guide to Getting Even by Julie Kenner

My rating: 4.25/5.0

Publisher: Berkley Trade
Publish Date: April 3, 2007
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256

I received this book through my Booksfree subscription.

My Review:
A fun look at what happens when the school good girl and future valedictorian gets turned into a vampire.

I loved Elizabeth as a character. Loved her humor and snarkiness as she tells the story of how she became a vampire and what happens next. It's an interesting story full of the usual high school characters, but I love all of the different personalities shown. From the jocks and cheerleaders to the brainy ones, all are shown as typical high school students. Throw in some are vampires and you get an interesting tale. Full of humor, some romance and vampires and vampire hunters, this book is just a fun enjoyable young adult read.

About the Book:

Elizabeth Frasier's ticked off. Her junior year of high school was going just fine. But thanks to a bunch of jerkwad vampire jocks, she ended up undead, and with a thirst that a thousand Diet Cokes couldn't quench. Now she's out for blood-and revenge. And she knows exactly what to do...Elizabeth's read Salem's Lot. Separate the good vamps from the bad and wipe out the crowd that did her in. On top of that, she's got to figure out how to be mortal again-unless universities start accepting dead girls.


brizmus said...

This sounds absolutely adorable! I would love to read about a valedictorian vampire!

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