Monday, November 2, 2009

Review: Sex, Drugs and Gefilte Fish by Shana Liebman

Sex, Drugs & Gefilte Fish: The Heeb Storytelling Collection Sex, Drugs & Gefilte Fish: The Heeb Storytelling Collection by Shana Liebman

My rating: 3.75/5.0

I received this from Brianne Beers at Hachette Book Group, and I will be announcing my giveaway winners later today.

A very interesting collection of essays. Some were a little too much for me (vulgar, drug use) but no matter what I never put the book down. Because for every story that wasn't me - there were at least 4 or 5 that were. I think that's what is great about story collections like these - there are some that appeal to everyone and some that appeal to certain types of people, making it a very readable book to everyone.

I laughed with this one, sympathized with the writers and hit my head in amazement. It was a very entertaining read. I would sit down to read one or two and end up reading nine or ten of the stories. It was hard to put down because I wanted to know what the next person would write about.

So, in the end - it's a very enjoyable storytelling collection. There is a bit of vulgarity throughout, but overall enjoyable. There are people from all walks of life in this and something for everyone to relate to. And to tell the truth - it's a just plain entertaining book.

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Sue Jackson said...

This sounds very good - I always enjoy personal essays. Thanks for the review!


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