Friday, November 13, 2009

Review: Invasion of the Boy Snatchers by Lisi Harrison (The Clique #4)

Invasion of the Boy Snatchers (The Clique, #4) Invasion of the Boy Snatchers by Lisi Harrison
My rating: 4.5/5.0

Publisher: Little Brown Young Readers
Publish Date: October 5, 2005
Binding: Trade Paperback
Pages: 256

My Review: 

A fast read geared towards middle school girls. This is the fourth installment of The Clique series and I am still enjoying it. With each book we learn a little more about Massie, Claire, Dylan, Kristen and Alicia. I like how Massie's insecurities show a little more in this one, at least in the glimpses the reader gets of her. To everyone else she is still cool and collected Massie, but the reader knows the truth - she's just like every other teenage girl.

Invasion of the Boy Snatchers focuses on three things - Claire and Massie's growing friendship and the fact that they are sharing a room at the moment, the arrival of Alicia's cousin, Nina, and the Valentine's Day Dance.

The other girls are becoming a little jealous of Claire and Massie and their inside jokes, but is Massie becoming a little tired of Claire after living in the same room with here. Also Nina is throwing a monkey wrench into all of The Pretty Committee's boy plans by showing up and wowing the boys with her looks and barely there clothes. Massie doesn't like this because she is no longer the one everyone wants to follow and we all know what happens when Massie doesn't like you.

What follows is the usual Clique fun - a plan to get Massie back on top and the girls rushing to be the first one kissed. And will Claire finally get Cam back and be kissed by him.

Well that's all in one books fun and I enjoyed reading this one immensely. A lot was going on and it kept me reading straight through. The characters are starting to grow and I'm enjoying watching that. It's another cliff hanger ending for me and that means I need to start reading the next one soon.

About the Book:

The holidays are over and Massies room is chock full of new things from Santa: jeans, sweater, and a new . . . roommate? Once Claire unpacks, Massies room feels more crowded than a Zac Posen sample sale. But whats worse, Claire isnt the only person moving into Massies territoryAlicias hot, Spanish cousin, Nina, shows up from Spain and starts edging in on all the Briarwood boys, including Massies crush! Will Nina, with her super-tight mall clothes, make every boy in Westchester fall in love with her? Or will Massie toss her out faster than last seasons Sevens jeans? The social minefields of Westchester Countys most privileged middle school girls drive the page-turning action of this addictive series, set in New York Citys most elite suburban county. The Clique . . . the only thing harder than getting in is staying in.
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