Friday, September 11, 2009

ARC Arrivals: Avalon December Romances

I received four December romances from Avalon books in the mail yesterday. So here's a sneak peak at the upcoming lineup.

Everything But a Christmas Eve by Holly Jacobs

For years, Nana Vancy Bashalde Salo believed that she’d cursed her own family to bad weddings. Now that the curse is broken, she’s bored. Her best friends, the ‘Silver Bells,’ convince her to try her hand at matchmaking. And Nana has just the person in mind, Salo Construction’s new office manager, Eve Allen.

Eve is coming out of a bad relationship and longs for a little quiet and order. That’s definitely not in the cards with Nana Vancy around. And it’s even less possible when Nana tries to hook her up with TC Potter, a boy who broke her heart in kindergarten when he told her there was no Santa, and then broke it again in 9th grade when he stood her up for a dance. Eve’s heart still healing from her last bad relationship, she doesn’t need it broken by TC for a third time.

Freelance writer, TC Potter makes his living by writing articles about Every American Man. His life was pretty much perfect until he was named one of America’s most eligible bachelors last year. He’s spent the last twelve month hiding out from women who’d like to de-bachelor him. Now he’s finally met someone he’d really like to date, but Eve’s not interested. But maybe with a Hungarian grandmother’s help, and a little Christmas magic, he can convince her that they have something too special to ignore?

Rejoin the Salo family in Everything But a Christmas Eve and discover if Nana Vancy really does have some Hungarian magic!

Outback Hero by Elisabeth Rose

Jonathan Knight can't believe his eyes when singer Stella Starr appears in tiny outback town Koologong. Stranded when her car breaks down, she is the answer to his prayers. If he can convince Stella to model the cotton clothing his company Koolwear produces, the struggling local industry will be saved. One problem. Stella is in disguise, calling herself Sue Starkey.

After a humiliating divorce, Stella flees the media spotlight. A celebrity since fifteen, she is desperate to be liked for who she is not what she is. Convinced no-one in Koologong recognises her, she enjoys the attention of local hero, Jonathan. What could he want from ordinary Sue? Nothing.

Lady Eugenia's Holiday by Shirley Marks

Even though she missed her London Season debut, Lady Eugenia Abbott's dreams of attending exciting parties and meeting dashing young gentlemen comes true as she travels with her aunt to the seaside city of Brighton for some post-Season gaiety.

Lady Eugenia becomes a social success, making the acquaintance of a handful of new close friends and befriending an eccentric Austrian musician. She even catches the attention of an elusive duke, whose curious behavior causes her to question his intentions.

In her pursuit of the duke, Lady Eugenia stumbles upon a deadly plot that places her life and that of the man she loves in danger. Given time, Eugenia can forgive the duplicity, but it's quite another thing to forget the betrayal of her heart.

The Madcap by Nikki Poppen (could not find a picture, sorry)

As unconventional as she is rich, American heiress Marianne Addison isn't exactly the kind of girl an Englishman takes home to his mother. no wonder Alasdair Braden is smitten.

By age nineteen, Marianne has conquered the nouveau riche circles of San Francisco, surveyed the males on offer, and decided to look elsewhere. Armed with her daddy's millions, a dazzling smile and western fortitude, she sets out to take England by storm.

Alasdair Braden has seen Marianne Addison's brand of mischief before. She waltzes too fast, rides too recklessly, and eats too much at dinner (sometimes with the wrong fork). Worst of all, she speaks her mind freely and without restraint, perhaps the quality that persuades Alasdair to take a rowdy wager after Marianne's latest social oversight. Could he turn her into a genteel lady ready to be accepted by English Society?

Alasdair's wild bet to tame the Season's madcap takes on far more personal importance than he'd intended. What started out as a lark to divert attention from his financial situation now turns dire. He needs to marry well and quickly to sustain his family's influence and finances. His mother has had the neighboring earl's perfect English daughter picked out for him since he was twelve. She has the breeding and fortune necessary to sustain the family's needs . . . unless Alasdair can come up with an alternative. Marianne is his last best hope of escaping this marriage of convenience. But it just may be that Marianne is also his only hope for love.


serendipity_viv said...

I need to get my Christmas reading organised. I will probably add the first one to my list.

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